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Baby Sensory

Class details

Sonia Sleep & Alexandra Burns

07872 337 251

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Class details

Sonia Sleep & Alexandra Burns

07872 337 251

Baby Sensory, vincitore del premio per i gruppi sullo sviluppo del bambino, è ora attivo anche nel tuo territorio. Tu e il tuo bambino sperimenterete attività progettate per supportare ogni settimana lo sviluppo sensoriale del tuo bambino e sarete i benvenuti in qualsiasi momento. Baby Sensory è un’attività estremamente popolare e molti dei nostri gruppi sono al completo, prenota prima che puoi.

I visitatori sono sempre benvenuti, ma è preferibile telefonare in anticipo per riservare un posto.

Per evidenziare il tuo interesse, per favore contatta il Class Leader Baby Sensory della zona.


Both being mummies!!!


When we found out that the Clapham Baby Sensory franchise was coming up for sale, we knew that we had to go for it - it was fate.  Both of us were busy working mums with two young children each and we’d been searching for that holy grail - work/life balance!  We’d worked together in the city for years and wanted to do something new and challenging that we felt passionate about.  And taking over this Baby Sensory franchise is just that - an amazing opportunity and so much fun!
We both attended Baby Sensory with our own children and are only too aware of how precious the early years are, but how quickly it is over.  We know that the first time our own babies recognised ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ was really special and seeing them get excited as we approached the classes - it’s a lovely memory. 
Every week with Baby Sensory is different.  We will take your baby on a sensory journey with bubbles and bells and lights and puppets.  We sing, we dance, we learn baby massage, baby signing and baby whispering.  We explore under the sea, trek into the deepest rainforests, jet into space and even turn into Super Heroes and save the planet! All great fun for the babies ….. and grown ups too!
The classes have a very relaxed atmosphere and are a chance to make new, local friends who have babies at about the same stage as your own.
We both love working with young children and seeing them develop, is so rewarding.  We can’t wait to welcome you and your baby into our group and start the wonderful Baby Sensory journey together.

Alex and Sonia xxx


Alex and Sonia's Baby Sensory classes run in Clapham, the Award Winning Baby Development classes are held weekly. These locations are easily accessible for parents living in the local communities including; Clapham, Balham, Battersea and Brixton.

If you are looking for an exciting activity which will be fun for you and will help with your baby’s sensory development call your Class Leaders, Alex or Sonia, who will arrange for you and your baby to visit one of their classes.


We run fixed terms for 10 or 11 weeks and the cost per class is £10 (£100 or £110 total).


Please scroll down for complete term dates, class information or to book.


Bookings for summer term commencing Monday 14th May will be live online for existing customers to book on Saturday 21st April at 9am. This will then be opened to the Wait List on Wednesday 25th April and on Friday 27th for all!!


If you would like to book a trial before signing up to the course, please send us an email to arrange


For regular updates why not like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram:




Summer Term Dates 2018:


The Scout Hall, Balham 14/05/18 - 30/07/18

The Bedford, Balham 15/05/18 - 31/07/18

The Devas Centre, Battersea 23/05/18 – 01/08/18

Clapham Methodist Church, Clapham 17/05/18 – 02/08/18

Spring Term


We will have lots of new and exciting activities this Spring Term including; Baby Pirates - all aboard, we will be sailing the seven seas, splashing in the waves and scuba diving under the sea.  Jungle Jitters is a rainforest animal safari like no other!  Plus, we have Magic Garden, Weather Week, Train Journey and Baby Party plus many more adventures to be had!


Spaces available to book via the website on the below dates - 


Saturday 27th Jan - existing attendees

Wednesday 31st - open to wait list

Saturday 27th Jan - open to all


Herewith the class times and details for the Winter Term;

Tuesdays -  starting 27th February @ The Bedford in Balham

 9.45am - Birth to 13 months

11:15am - 6 to 13 months

12:45pm - Birth to 6 months

2.15pm - Birth to 13 months

Thursdays -  starting 22nd February @ Clapham Methodist Church

11:00 - 6 to 13 months

12:30 - Birth to 6 months

13:50 - Birth to 13 months

Fridays -  starting 23rd February @ The Bedford in Balham

11:00 - 6 to 13 months

12:30 - Birth to 6 months

13:50 - Birth to 13 months

We will run for 10 consecutive weeks, ending mid February.

There shall be no classes scheduled over the Christmas break (2 weeks) Dec 23rd - 7th January. 

The total cost for a full 10 week term is £100.

We do offer a Twin Discount - please do get in touch with us directly to book your places. The discount offer is 50% off the second baby when booking a full term.

IMPORTANT - TEMPORARY CHANGE OF VENUE - The Bedford will be undergoing refurbishment for 4 months from the end of April 2018 and will be closing its doors during this period of time.  We have found a fantastic space to run our Balham classes from during this period from the beginning of May 2018. Classes will move to The White Eagle Polish club on Balham High Road, just past Bertie & Boo Adventure Island café (approx. 7 min walk from Balham tube station). It has a beautiful ballroom hall we can use for our classes for the last few weeks of the Spring term.



Space is limited as always so please secure your place as soon as possible.   

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


We look forward to seeing you all in our Winter Term, Alex and Sonia Xx


Classes at The Bedford: - Classes are held upstairs in The Ballroom of the Bedford Pub. There is plenty of room downstairs to park your pram / buggie, and just bring your little one up the stairs.

Classes at Clapham Methodist Church: - Access into the hall is on the side of the building, in Nelsons Row. There is space inside to park your pram / buggie. Doors will close promptly at 11:00, 12:30 and at 13:50 so please arrive in plenty of time.

Please note Baby Sensory Clapham cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to your pram / buggie, or any other personal belongings, whilst you are attending the classes.

FAQ's about Baby Sensory:

Is my baby too young?

It is never too early to introduce your little ones to a variety of sensory experiences.

Babies have begun learning from inside the womb already and as they come into this world they hit the ground running! 

A newborn’s brain contains more than 100 billion brain cells (neurons). Some of these neurons were wired in the prenatal period for specific functions such as breathing and heartbeat. However, the majority of synaptic connections for vision, language, hearing, smell, taste, movement and learning will be formed in the first three months of life. 

Stimulation from birth increases neural growth and whilst we certainly do this in our classes, it is also important to mention that touching, talking, singing, reading, smiling, signing and playing with babies from birth, nourishes the brain and develops potential for a lifetime.

Our classes provide a rich environment full of interesting sights, sounds, smells, taste, colours, textures and language, which builds a foundation that will make all subsequent learning easier. 

Reference: Dr. Lin Day. Baby Sensory


What do we do in class and why have an Exploratory Play?

The structure of the class is divided into 3 parts and reason behind this is because your baby has a natural play-rest-play cycle, which lasts about an hour.

The first 25 minutes we “Say Hello to the Sun” followed by a number of stimulating activities varying from; puppet shows, baby massage, traditional rhyming and visual activities to sing and sign, texture exploring, messy play and making music (to name but a few!) 

We then break for 20 minutes, where the babies can rest and explore the Exploratory Play under their own steam or Free-Flow Play.

During the Exploratory Play there are no set rules or guidelines. Your baby decides what toys interest him/her the most, how he/she explores them and how long the play will last. Free-flow play enables your baby to entertain himself/herself for short periods, which will become a beneficial life habit.

The Exploratory Play also provides a social setting for the parents. Here you can meet new Mum’s, try out equipment and materials, gain ideas for home use and spend quality time with your baby.

We then head back to the Sensory Area for the remaining 15 minutes for more stimulating activities before “Waving Goodbye”

Reference: Dr. Lin Day. Baby Sensory

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